Thursday, February 22, 2007

1) Has everyone been following the Illini-wek saga? His last performance was last night. Maybe I'm being a turd in the punch bowl, but I think the whole thing just looks ridiculous. This is a tradition that students are up in arms over losing? And alumni are outraged??

2) Greatest Moment in Sports History was 27 years ago today. My favorite conspiracy theory of all time is that the government actually drugged goaltender Vladislav Tretiak before the game. It is interesting that he was pulled after the first period, after only allowing 2 goals. I feel like this was referenced in an X-Files episode once...

3) My favorite part of this story? The fact that the writer felt it necessary to mention that the guy "lives with his mother, currently"

4) Both Chicago teams in the playoffs? Not going to happen. I'm going to go out on a limb and say neither will make it. Although the NL central is winnable by anyone, the Cubs did nothing to improve their biggest weakness on offense last year- pitch selection: they still have too many guys that can't take a walk, and strike out too much. Their pitching could be improved, but that many innings going to Jason Marquis could be downright scary. Rich Hill will be an all-star though, you heard it here first. As for the Sox, Ozzie's fascination with Scott Podsednik is going to be the downfall of this team. He may be the worst producing corner outfielder in the AL. Also, Thome aint getting any younger, and trading Brandon McCarthy was borderline retarded.


jnicho5 said...

But two goals for Tretiak was a big deal. When did tretiak EVER let two goals in the first period?! In my opinion that was the stupidest thing that coach could've done, but given the pressure that coach was under and allowing the U.S. to score 2 goals in the first period so close to U.S. soil, I can understand his frame of mind when he made that decision.

Brown Buddy said...

Only one of those goals was a "soft" goal! (the first one to Buzz Schneider) The other one was because the defense thought the period was over, and stopped skating. Also, he allowed two goals in one period two other times in the tournament (to Czechoslovakia, and Finland). I'm telling you he was drugged! By the Cigarette Smoking Man!!!

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I've never disagreed with your goals so heartily. Of course people are up in arms about the end of the mascot. It's only been there for over 80 years. There still isn't a consensus over whether it's even offensive to Native Americans. I thought it had always been done in the most respectful and tasteful manner.

The greatest sports moment in history will never go to something dealing with hockey. It may be number 2, but it can never be thee greatest. What's number one? Something not invovling ice and pucks.

While my question on the Cubs and Sox was meant to spark some discussion, you don't think the Cubs have added so little in other areas that they will miss the playoffs because of pitch selection? So lacking Prior, Wood, and Lee, as well as having a punch-and-judy hitter like Matt Murton didn't measure up against pitch selection? Take your nose out of the stat-books and watch a game.