Monday, February 12, 2007


1. So I finally saw Saw 3 last night and as I was told, I wasn’t let down. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one due to shitty acting and part 2 seemed a little Hollywoodish but was still great. 3 was still not as dark as 1 but overall it served its purpose – It delivered a good thriller/slasher/gore movie. The thing that I loved so much about the Saw series is that the gore doesn’t just happen, Jigsaw purposely makes it as horrific as possible to server the purpose of his game. Brilliant

2. How cool would it be if Barrack Obama changed his name to Baraka!

3. Thanks J.O.B., I’ve realized why my luck has been subpar over the last few years. It’s because I don’t send forwards that bored 14 year olds make.

4. I’m so freakin white that I didn’t know this shit existed! It looks like an Irish-jig with no rhythm and the dudes are drunk, high, and tripping acid.

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