Friday, February 23, 2007

$5 Pizza Day -- by J.O.B.

1) Mark me down as someone who wasn't a Celts bandwagon rider in the 80's. I hated the Celtics. Not any actual player - although Danny Ainge became hated with later stints in Phoenix and Portland, but given a choice between Lakers and Celtics I took Showtime! Regardless, the Bulls have always been my favorite NBA team, no compromise. That said, Dennis Johnson was an awesome role player and it sucks that he passed. Shed a tear, I did.

2) Loft shopping tonight and Sunday. Can't start the new venture without a space to work out of. So what's the lowdown on this magical opportunity? I've been offered a shot to take over some high-level executive duties for a music/entertainment company's Chicago operations. They're finalizing a deal with a major company that has changed the face of the industry and it's on something incredible. I'd be a combination of record exec., A&R, marketer for now and would shift into partnership and more executive duties as we grow. It's an amazing opportunity for independent bands in regards to exposure and income and we'll be looking to sign some new ones. The best is that I'm no longer in a "sales" position (although everything is sales, right?) and my day starts, um, when I schedule it too. I can still chase my other business, but with a much higher income and a nicer car. Image is a lot in the biz.

3) I would have to say I agree pretty spot on with Jason Whitlock's "Black KKK" assessment, except the fact that it hasn't permeated any structure of power. The White KKK had people in many power positions, either openly or secretly. What power, other than intimidation does the "Black KKK" have? None. What sucks is that these same pro athletes that are at the strip club "making it rain" and slamming women's heads into walls are the same ones that want to give all the thanks to God when they win. I can tolerate a lot but I can't stand "Sunday Christians." There has been a permeation of entitlement without a shred of responsibility. Debauchery has laid claim as "in" and our culture does nothing to stem the tide.

4) Anybody going to see "The Number 23" this weekend? Jim Carrey looks like he straight wigs out in this one. I haven't read the reviews but I'm a player. Maybe fare for Sunday night.

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