Monday, February 12, 2007

Bonus Points

5) Check out Simmons' running diary of the Grammy's, funny stuff. My personal favorite actually reminded me of Phil: "Carrie Underwood wins for "Best New Artist." Meanwhile, Justin Guarini just served coffee to two policemen at a Yum Yum Donuts in Brentwood"

Also, when Scarlett Johansson came out to present the album of the year, we found out she was actually in the studio recording an album of her own. This resulted in both me and my roommate looking up from what we were doing to ask, "wait...what?" Normally this would result in a barrage of dismissive insults, chastizing the music industry. But we both caught an eyeful of Scarlett, and I think the feeling was mutual. Is it really a bad thing if Scarlett Johannson is getting more exposure??

6) I feel like every year, there is some sort of special, commemorative SportsCenter. Last night was number 30,000 (or something). So naturally we were subjected to a ton of clips from the previous 3 decades. But the poll at the end was, who was the most dominant athlete in "the sportscenter era?" Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Wayne Gretzky or Lance Armstrong? While the kneejerk response would be Jordan, I'm personally not so convinced. What do you all think?


jnicho5 said...

Lance Armstrong. He wond 7 frickin' Tour De Frances. In a row. And until they can prove if he was doping that will be probably the greatest sports achievement ever.

AngryWhiteMan said...

Lance and Wayne don't count because they are white.

Nah, on the realz yo. Barry and Lance aren't contenders if you ask me because of the illegal substance issue. Imo, Barry is the weakest candidate anyway.

So if it comes down to MJ and a guy who dominated a sport played by guys who can't make it in a REAL sport... I think you know where I'm going with this.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Lance's feat is awesome, but his sport is unimpressive. Wayne was impressive, but his sport is unnoticed. Barry is incredible, but his methods are questionable. Tiger was dominant, but his sport is non-athletic. So, I'm still going to have to go with Jordan. Wayne is actually the close second to me because he stood out in a team environment like Jordan did.

Skurny said...

I've got to put Jordan and Tiger right on top...Tiger's sport might be "less athetic" than basketball, hockey or cycling but the way he's dominated stands alone.

Plus, I hate Wayne and his gambling wife.

jnicho5 said...

Bike to Kenosha and back in the same day and then tell me cycling isn't impressive. I'll even bike it with you.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I didn't say that cycling doesn't take effort, but the sport of competitive cycling in and of itself is unimpressive. Name 10 cyclers in the Tour de France. Name the last 3 winners not named Landis, Armstrong or LeMond.

jnicho5 said...

I could do that, but the normal person wouldn't.

I think Henry Armstrong should be an honorable mention. Back when their were only 8 weight divisions in boxing dude held the title in 3 of them from 1937 to 1939 and succesfully defended each one. Overall record was 149-21-9 draws with 101 KO's.

Skurny said...

Alright Schwinn Fucking Armstrong...we get it. He's a great athlete but it's still cycling and it still takes place in France.

And I don't think Sportscenter was on TV when Harry Armstrong was boxing in the 1930' he's out of consideration.

Anonymous said...

Justin Guarini was a commentator on the TV Guide preshow for the Grammys. He has a regular hosting gig with that channel. If you're going to attempt to be clever, at least get your facts straight.

Brown Buddy said...

For me its a tossup between MJ and Gretz. Here are some of my favorite Wayne Gretzky facts:

if he had never scored a goal in his NHL career, he'd still be the league's all time leading scorer (he has more assists than anyone else has points)

No one in league history has ever scored 200 points in a season. Gretzky averaged 200 over 5 seasons.

Only one person ever scored 50 goals in 50 games before Gretzky did 39 games in '82.

Yes, the sport goes unnoticed now, but that wasn't the case in the 80's during Gretzky's peak. He was very much a part of the mainstream's subconscious. He once hosted Saturday Night Live. He was once Sports Illustrateds Athlete of the Year. He was on the cover of Time, Life and Newsweek. (imagine any of those things happening now).

Oh yeah...his 9 MVP's are still the most of any player in any major sport.

Skurny said...

haha...who's taking pot shots at Gentlemen Lovers Mark and Bill Simmons? "Anonymous"...ha!