Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 3 Goals

I survived the week. I met my wife downtown and we went to the Parthenon for dinner. Yum!

1) Found out they hired 11 people for my job. Only 5 of them made it to training. Some didn't make it on their own, some couldn't read the part of the offer letter that said, "this offer must be signed and returned within 5 business days".

2) Team got 25 today during one of the worst weeks ever. I got two of 'em. I'm gaining ground but there is still soooo much I don't know and that I need to learn quickly. As long as I keep accelerating on my learning curve I'll be fine, if I plateau next week I'm dead.

3) I can honestly say without hesitation I am the nicest person in my office. I know AWM will find it hard to believe, but I come off as Ghandi compared to the people I work with. BUT at the same time they're the most helpful people I've ever worked with at a job. Every single one of 'em. I had 4 guys sitting right next to me telling me what to say to help me close one of my leads today. Not a single one of them benefitted finacially from my lead. In fact it probably hurt them since they weren't working themselves. They just wanted to see me succeed. 5 minutes later one of them said he needed some paperworked stapled and on his desk at the end of the day. I asked, "where can I get a stapler" and he gave the dirtiest look like I was a douche bag and mumbled, "over there somewhere" and motioned towards the water cooler. That's what I mean when I refer to the "dichotomy of attitudes". Sincerely helpful one moment complete jerk the next. I'm gonna fit in really really well.

4) Do taxes this weekend. Wifey got her w-2 finally so it looks like I'll be crunching numbers.

5) One of the guys I work with used to be a senior at CTU. He hated CEC and laughs at the fact that he's on pace to make as much as Veratti and he's only been here 8 months.

6) Saw J-Lu downtown. She looked like she lost about 15 pounds. She's working for a brokerage firm doing I don't know what. My brain was so fried from work and she talks like such a scatter brain I only heard every other sentence out of her mouth. She seemed impressed that I was working where I was. Wait a second, did I turn and walk away from her without saying good bye?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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