Monday, February 26, 2007


1) Skurny I'm glad you enjoyed the beer site. I think everyone of those beers were made in some dude's home. Power of the homebrew. If you like that site, go here. All major beers that are on the market and how they're ranked, on a national level, regional level, and against beers of their own family. Brown Buddy would probably appreciate it too.
2) Got another lead today. Woo-hoo! Management is really impressed with my work ethic and my ability to blend in with the group. My recruiter is getting mad props behind the scene for pickin' a good egg. If I get 3 leads tomorrow I get my name thrown in the hat to win $500 cash against anyone else that gets 3 too. They bought me a lotto ticket on Friday and it won $2. Ha!
3) Favorite Oscar Moment: Clint Eastwood choking his way through the announcement of the lifetime achievement award. Right before they rolled film he said, "God I should of brought my glasses".
4) Second favorite Oscar Moment: Ellen Degeneres walking down the aisle asking Mark Wahlberg how he did and then not listening and going for Scorcese to give him the script. The funny part? You can hear Wahlberg mumble in the background, "It'd be better if I'd won".

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