Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Goals

I actually have sh!t to do today:

  • Get a new driver's license. One that actually has my correct address on it.
  • Vote. Apparently people who did not meet the 2/1 deadline to register to vote in this month's Chicago elections still can register, but they have to vote at the same time.
  • Drop off my passport at the temp agency so they know I'm eligible to work.
  • Barrack O'Bama is hilarious. Apparently the Prime Minister of Australia criticized O'Bama for commenting that America needs to withrdraw from Iraq. O'Bama responded by saying "To my understanding we have 40,000 troops and the Prime Minister has 1,400. If he's that gynned up about the war he needs to send some more troops over. I want to see him call up 20,000 Australians. Until then what he said is just empty rhetoric."


Brown Buddy said...

LOL! I missed that one about Obama. That is great. Seriously, who is voting for Hillary?

AngryWhiteMan said...

Why do you have those faggy little flowers next to your goals? 'mo

Skurny said...

Hey Ricky Bobby...Maybe you should buy a car to go along with that shiny, new license of yours.

jnicho5 said...

So you'll read them.

And the DMV is closed today. No Ricky Bobby for me. :(