Thursday, February 22, 2007

Please Buy The Bears -- by J.O.B.

1) The McCaskey's don't care about Black people: After deciding not to just pony up to sign what might be the best outside linebacker in the NFC and franchising Lance Briggs, reports are that the Bears are at a "stalemate" with getting a new deal for Lovie Smith done. You know he'll cut talks off if it's not done by the start of the season. I swear to all that is holy, if next season ends and he goes free agent, I'm personally kicking the McCaskey's in the nuts. Coach of the Year last year, Super Bowl appearance this year (the first in over 20 for this team,) and you can't get him at least the $4.5 mil that Atlanta gave nobody Bobby Petrino? I'm disgusted.

2) I think I'm going back on the 'roids. I'm at least getting some HGH. I know, LBB, "it'll give me cancer." Sure. Whatever, bring on the cancer. Really, who doesn't get cancer anymore? Summertime's coming and it's time I get back into the shape I need to be in. There, I said it.

3) Do the White Sox and Cubs both make the playoffs this year? I know, it's been the question for the last 4 years or so, but the Cardinals pitching staff is depleted (Mulder is out till like, May,) and the Northsiders have so much stinking talent. The White Sox are still in the second toughest division in baseball, but if the pitching is just better than last year (I know, a tall order considering who they lost) they'll contend.

4) We had yet another meeting this morning in which our manager told us that hitting quota should be our only focus, even though we're getting talk time and dials shoved down our collective throats. Guess what? We've got another sales meeting with the whole sales department at 2:30. Are these people serious? I think we've had one day this week without two meetings. Serenity now!


AngryWhiteMan said...

Okay, okay... I wouldn't say that the Cards pitching staff is bad. Marquis couldn't have been more overrated and Weaver was wishy washy up until the playoffs. If Izzy is healthy, that adds Wainwright to the starting rotation.

Sorry but I don't see the Cubs making the playoffs. But I'm sure this whole city does... LOL

Brown Buddy said...

saying Marquis is overrated is implying that anyone ever thought he was good last year in the first place. Gay