Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Chicago Goals

1. Hungover is the word of the day. I love St. Patrick's Day Weekend. I hate work.

2. I was at Mad River watching the games last night with some current (goalless) coworkers. It was mostly an Indiana crowd waiting for their game but when VCU went up with 2 seconds left, you would have sworn you were at a Frat House on VCU's campus, it was great. There were even high fives exchanged. I've never been so happy to be wrong on my bracket. Other than when Ohio State loses every year maybe. Think Dickie V commits suicide today?

3. Hey Albany, thanks for taking a shit today against Virginia. Damn Upstate New York.

4. So yesterday morning on my way into the city from o'hare, my cab side swipes some dude in a Pontiac--right in front of AIU building on the highway. I did everything in my power not to look directly at the building...Alas, I did finally look at the Depths of Hell and now I'm convinced Norm McDonald's voice is following me.

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