Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goals and things and things...

1) Dropped in zero today. First time since I've started working there. I took it as a victory because I was more consistent that anyone else on the team.
2) One of the newbies also worked at Cumberland for awhile. Although he didn't work for Jill he told someone on the team that that he had heard what a truly horrible manager she was. I laughed.
3) So my homebrew inspired my best-friend to get a kit of his own last month. Mother fucker is already on his second batch. Why? Because a) he has an empty basement and all the room in the world b) he's a got a friend who drinks 8-12 beers every night as a sleep aid. I inspire others.
4) Created a "dated" archive for our posts and increased the number of posts per page.


Skurny said...

Dear Lord, next thing you know this so-called "best friend" will be smoking meat, too.

Jnicho has cloned himself, God help us all.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

As long as he's not smoking Jnicho's meat, I think we're okay