Thursday, March 8, 2007


I love TV. I'm thinking it's because I don't watch it too often so when I do, I really enjoy it.

1) Please, somebody tell me they saw the season finally of Sarah Silverman... OMFG!! She is wrong on so many levels but so stupid. Words can't desribe it... Please just watch one episode if you haven't yet.

2) I love Roseanne!! I said it! I'm hooked on the late night marathons and I can't get enough. I've been hiding this dirty secret for so long now... So now everyone can go fist themselves...starting with myself.

3) This is the first I've seen Grindhouse. I'll be there opening night. Anyone seen anything about this movie?

4) Again, Southpark is spectacular. Isn't it funny that the show had show much more popularity when it first came out than it does now? And to be honest, the show wasn't a fraction of what it is today. Thank you Matt and Trey. ya, we boys.

Today's rant -

So the lotto was at 370 million the other day and two people won the jackpot. Each week that it's not won, the jackpot keeps going up and from watching it, the larger the jackpot the more it will go up because more people play (obviously)... So, once again, the jackpot was at 370 million. Everyone on Earth played except Jnicho... How much money do you think was spent just on the last drawing? I don't even want to guess but I do want to know what they did with all that money. It's at 12 million today which is what it always starts at but considering the 370 mill jackpot... it should be MUCH higher. What did they do with all the cash people spent on that last drawing! Fucking white man always keeping us down!

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