Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Wednesday: Holy Jesus Christ I'm still alive.

1) Got two today. One was a complete piece of trash that shouldn't have counted, but I think they gave it to me because of how hard I've been busting my ass. For the second week in a row I met my quota a day early. I'm second on the team right now.
2) Skurny - I sell nothing. I just cold call and qualify people to see if they fit within our parameters and then pass them to the guy that does try to sell them something.
3) My heroic 4th quater effort got the my team a free lunch tomorrow. I can't take all of the credit since my team lead did most of the work, but it was my lead at the end of the day that got us lunch. I'm bringing lunch tomorrow and am going to try and pocket the $10 cash.
4) 5-11 new people start on the phones tomorrow. Still to early to tell who would make it back for their second day. I'm probably not in line for a promotion quite yet. But I know the three people that are. I'll probably be promoted in the wave after that.

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