Thursday, March 1, 2007

He'd Get Me To Cheer For The Cubs -- J.O.B.

1) Mark Cuban is in serious discussions to by the Cubs. Serious as in there is supposedly a $625 million offer on the table. That's plenty more than the Cubs are worth. I'll let it be known that I have owner-love for Mark Cuban. He took a crap team in Dallas that was losing the fan race in Texas to not just the other two Texas basketball teams but to every professional team in Texas and made them one of the most exciting sports teams to watch. He has brought attention to the league by bringing attention to himself, his players don't get in any real off-court trouble and they challenge for titles year in and year out. Can you imagine that at Wrigley with no salary cap? I will be a true all-Chicago baseball fan again if the purchase goes through.

2) Today is a short one in the office - bailing to Michigan to see the music operations up close and in person today. Supposedly there is an established partner who I will know as soon as I hear their name. My day in the big M is going to start with signing confidentiality agreements! I'm about as excited as can be.

3) I guess there was a point where I cared enough whatever mundane sales job that I had that I thought it worth it to actually argue about sales tactics in meetings. If I did, it doesn't exist any more. Twice in the last week, someone in a meeting as reacted argumentatively with me on something and I literally burst into laughter. Is this normal?

4) So I opened an account with a new bank. Let's just say it's a large Bank, and it's in America. It may even be "of" America, whatever that means. Anyway, my direct deposit hasn't been changed yet so I've had to physically deposit my check on Friday's. The company check is also from this bank. You'd think - the same bank has their account and my account - put the money right into my account, right? Wrong. If I want access to the money, I have to cash the check on the spot, then I have to deposit it on the spot. Otherwise, I can't access it till the following Monday. So, if I cash it, I can have it, but if I deposit it, I can't. Does anyone else see how dumb this is?


Skurny said...

I second your notion of Cuban buying the'd be a great thing for the Cubs.

Plus I think him and Pinella would get along great.

Brown Buddy said...

I'm third on the Cuban deal. However, don't hold your breath on that one...what you might not realize (but probably do) is that the Cubs are a marketable international brand, and they make an assload of money. Doesn't that sound like the kind of asset the Tribune would want to keep? The rumors are flying around like crazy, and I'm sure there is an offer on the table...but the Trib would be asking for a heck of a lot more to sell off the team.

That being said, I think Cuban is great. Sure he bitches about the officials incessantly, which can get old, but whats lost in all the "controversy" is the fact that he's an owner that actually CARES about winning! What a novel concept! Currently, I can think of two owners that actually care about winning, him and Steinbrenner (and to a lesser extent, John Henry). He'd be a great fit in Chicago.

For obvious reasons, I would love to see him purchase his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins.

Brown Buddy said...

As far as your bank account goes, isn't it like that at most banks? When you deposit a check, it goes through on the next business day, unless you cash it on the spot. I have a BoA account, and I can't say enough great things about the place. Always friendly, attractive clerks, never a line, plenty of ATM machines in my 'hood. What more would you want?

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Issue #1: The Cubs are the 11th highest grossing company the Trib owns. That's why they could care less about winning anything. A World Series and the money it adds doesn't put the Cubs even in the 10th position as far as earners. $625mil is grossly overpaying.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Issue #2: The bank thing would make sense if the check was coming from a bank other than the same bank. However, both my work's bank account and my personal bank account are with the same bank. What is there to wait to clear? My check is essentially my work giving the okay to transfer X number of dollars from their Bank of America account to mine. Why the multi-day hold-up?

Skurny said...

BB hasn't gotten a paycheck lately so he probably is confused.