Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speaking of No Interest...

The punch taste sweet, yet mildly tangy....

1) I started my day with my manager and t-lead asking me if I was okay and if there was anything wrong since I didn't get any leads yesterday. This caused me to go into a complete panic and I quickly spiraled out of control through about 5 hours.
2) Then the Big Wig calls a meeting and tells us the greatest win is a come from begind win and that nothing feels better that pulling yourself up by the boot straps and making something happen to end your day with a victory when it should've been the worst day ever. Was he talking to me? He then whipped a pen at a guy who was nodding off and said, "Don't you ever sleep on my time".
3) Then my downward spiral continued to about 2:45. One of the Seniors talked to me and made me say one sentence out of my script correctly. 20 minutes later I got a lead. 15 minutes later another Senior came up to me and said I was too mean to the last business owner I talked to, I told him "But I got his cell phone and a hard time to call him this morning". He just laughed and walked away.
4) 4:50, they're going to shut it down any minute and I let loose on a business owner in my "I hope your mom dies of cancer" voice and say, "Look, are you or aren't you actively seeking to exit the company in the next 3-5 years?". The three people on my team stopped and looked at me, and my Team Lead said, "You're being the biggest asshole ever". I finished the call and got the lead. When my closer heard what a-hole I was the first thing he did was tell the guy this wasn't in his best interest and the guy came back right over the table and insisted that it was. Lead 2.

Probably my most emotionally exhausting day since I've started working there, but I got admit today felt better than any of the other days I dropped in two.

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J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

In my time with International Pilfering A-holes, I learned that you have to take it to small business owners. Most of those guys have no clue what they really need. Keep hammering 'em.