Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This Day Is Forever -- by J.O.B.

1) Why has it taken me so long to put up goals today? I don't know - 6 hours at gamesloth maybe? Manager bolted at eleven so I've barely had the energy to even type stuff today.

2) Thomas Jones is a Jet. I know guys don't go for much in the league, but a 37th pick? This guy led a playoff team/Super Bowl runner-up in rushing the past two years with over 1200 yards each year and all he's worth is a 37th pick? That pick has produced average results at best. The good: Andre Gurode, an '02 37th pick who was the priority re-signee for the Cowboys this year. The so-so: Jimmy Williams, played 13 games at corner for the Falcons but his stats look like he sat on the bench. The wack: Teddy Lehman played in 4 games for the Lions last year. Who knows what you get at 37. They know who they had in Jones. I'm puzzled.

3) Have to hurry home because I can't download Quicktime at work and there are 7.5 minutes of Spider-Man 3 footage at NBC's website. I actually was at home and watched Heroes "live" for the first time ever last night. I've realized how much I'm not a fan of commercials.

4) Speaking of Heroes - no more till April 23rd? Are you kidding me!!!! I need to see how Peter deals with Sylar! I have to know what all Mama Petrelli knows! Does Linderman have any powers? Ack! That's like, 5 weeks with no Heroes. I'm depressed now.

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