Friday, March 9, 2007

Up Yours -- By J.O.B.

1) Eff you AWM. You're stuck in hell. We know it. Don't get mad because you're waiting for someone else to carry the blog. Check the left. We put plenty of time in here. You want a better blog - post more interesting shite. Now... three others with issues:

2) John Popper: Can someone get a hold of this guy and see if he'd be down to join our Militia? 13 bullet firing weapons, a siren and a p.a. system? In a Mercedes? That's my kind of party!

3) Greg Doyel: I'm not even going to link to this douche because ... well he's a douche. He was on Dan Patrick's show yesterday basically hammering Dick Vitale and the very thought of him being elected to the Hall-Of-Fame. Doyel is known for feuding with Coach K who Vitale is obviously very tight with. In fact, Doyel is known to be anti-coach and we all know Dickie V. is loved by coaches across the land. Doyel in turn said that not only does Vitale play to the lowest common-denominator in college basketball, but that Dan Patrick's show does as well. Always quick - Patrick stated that bringing Doyel on is what brought him to that level.

4) Antonella Barba: Oh to be a hot chick. What dude do you know that can take heat from a show for appearing in racy pictures on the internet ... and then get offered half a mil for porn - AND NOT HAVE TO PERFORM?!?! Who gives a monkey fruck about American Idol - your hotness just got you paid. By the way - how are the alleged pictures of this chick any worse than a Spears upskirt shot or an Aguilera no-bra shot?

extra special goal - I'm going to see 300 on IMAX tomorrow night in Addison. I'm literally counting the hours.

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