Sunday, April 22, 2007

Easy like Sunday Goals

1. After looking like they missed the plane out to CalGARY, the Wingers looked great yesterday in a 5-1 Drubbing of the Flamers. Not sure if anyone saw this, but the game got real ugly in the third period, Calgary's backup goalie (McLennan) had an absolutely brutal slash across a Wing's (Franzen) chest...he was ejected immediately and I just heard it's a 5 game suspension, fined Calgary $100,000 and their coach $25,000. Fucking assholes. Look for Todd Bertuzzi or Tomas Holmstrom to decapitate someone tonight.

2. I am officially into "Heroes". I'm through Episode 8 right now (just save the cheerleader). Some obvservations:
-Ali Larter's story is BORING me to death! Can I please get some plot development out of this storyline? I am, however, not complaining about having to look at her...
-The storyline with Isaac, the artist, is awesome.
-I can see why Hiro (don't know his real name) is so famous now, he's great. I think I'm going to download the sound file of him screaming "Helllllwoooooo nooooo yoooorrrrrkkkk!" and have it as the startup sound on my computer.

3. My 2007 NBA Prediction: Pistons vs. Mavs. Pistons win in 7. You heard that right, PISTONS is seven. They're D is just as good as last year (without Wallace), they're bench is much more involved. Miami's banged up, Chicago has very little experience besides Wallace (who doesn't score points). The 2007 Pistons remind me a lot of the 2005 Pistons...and kicked the crap out of the Lakers to win. Plus I'm a homer and love the Pistons.

4. I went hiking yesterday at at State Park in Oklahoma. Now, I've hiked there before and know to look out for Scorpians (not the band, AWM) and snakes, mostly Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. The sign in front of the trail even says to beware...I've never seen one, but I know they're around. So I'm about 3 miles into a 4 mile hike when I hear the rattle. It's maybe 5 feet away in the brush right off the path. I freeze. Rattle again. Crap myself. So I back up about 15 feet and try to gather myself. Fucking A, we definately do NOT have rattlesnakes where I grew I grab a stick and throw it in the direction of where I think the snake is. Sure as shit, a 3 and a half foot brown rattlesnake slithers across the trail. My knees buckled, it was definately big enough to kill an adult. From where I was when I heard it and where he crossed the trail? Maybe 2 feet. In other words, "Striking Distance". It was pretty badass, for sure but I don't ever want to see another one in the wild by myself. Whew.

5. I just saw Stranger Than Fiction this weekend...really enjoyed it overall. Emma Thompson was excellent throughout and I was really surprised with Maggie Gyllenhaal, too, I usually don't care for her. Ferrall was excellent also and Dustin Hoffman was, well...Dustin Hoffman. Anyway, definately recommend it.

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AngryWhiteMan said...

Crycky, watch while I stick my thumb up this rattlesnake's butt.