Monday, April 9, 2007

Kick out the Goals

1. Was it just me or did the Masters seem really boring this year? I'm glad Zach Johnson won and all but I just couldn't get into it...I did win a bet with a friend though, we put the Over/Under on Jim Nantz mentioning the weather at 3,257...I took the over.

2. Thank God the Red Wings didn't win the President's Cup (Curse). Every time they do, they get bounced in the first round (see last year). For the record, you can call me Terry Fucking Sawchuk with all these hockey goals lately...

3. My boss calls me this morning, "You're being extended in Wichita Falls, this is a really big deal and we've got to get things taken care of." Great, thanks for the update. I've been here a week and can clearly tell things are a mess. What am I doing right now? Thinking about goals and what I'm going to have for lunch.

4. I thought Jnicho's family was moving to Chicago. Guess they had some last minute errands to run.

5. Talk about meldowns. Sounds like BB after a weekend in Vegas.

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