Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving on

1) Give B.B. a hug the next time I see him. Sorry about you're hokies.
2) Made money today. Second time in this pay period. Pay period doesn't end for a week. Make more money.
3) Figure out as many recipes that require beer. My homemade beer. Beer can chicken is out, since my beer isn't canned. Although I probably cold pour some into a can. Fish n' Chips this weekend, and I have to figure out how to make steak n' ale pie. Any others?
4) Got invited to the "big wig"'s party at his place in Evanston tomorrow. Don't know if I'll go. But how sweet is that sh!t?
5) All it took was the worst mass shooting in the U.S. for this blog to start posting some decent rhetoric? Aim for 35.
6) Why couldn't George have been on Virginia Tech's campus that day?
7) I'm not a big law guy, but I feel this furthers the case for deputized police officers on college campuses and not rent-a-cops.
8) Bulls suck. Way to choke b!tches. 5th seed and you're going to lose at home to the heat. You heard it hear first.
9) Congrats to the Buerle. 4 balls away from a perfect game. But I would've probably walked slammin' sammy all night. Big Kudos to you and your no-hitter.


Brown Buddy said...

Well I'm glad this event got everyone posting also...oh, except for AWM, who was apparently "unimpressed" by the death toll. But he's no asshole...he just blames the media for "desensitizing" him.

Skurny said...

It's always someone else's fault. I blame 'Mocraft

AngryWhiteMan said...

Why can't you drop it? You guys are pussies if you let this really bothers you. Grow some balls.

Skurny said...

"Grow some balls."

At least mine weren't taken by my 18 year old live-in girlfriend.

Brown Buddy said...

No other comment has cemented your legacy (with the possible exception of "I dont care about things that don't concern me, I thought you knew?"). You are truly remarkable