Monday, April 23, 2007

Short And Sweet -- by J.O.B.

1) Begin the exhaustive search for what has crawled up AWM's arse and died (this time.) Seriously, I don't know if "insensitive prick" is accurate enough.

2) Get B.B.'s thoughts on A-Rod's fast start. I don't always agree, but I respect the man's level of research. Obviously the 'Rod' can't maintain this pace - especially since some pitcher will stop throwing him fastballs.

3) Continue my militia preparations. Yeah, you have to pay to use this thing right now, but before long it will be a travel standard.

4) (While holding up the double bird to AWM,) head over to and check out the article or two he has detailing the teams and athletes that are paying tribute to Virginia Tech. Very cool indeed.


Skurny said...

The Uniwatch Blog is excellent, I'm very impressed with Penn State and (gulp) even OSU, who wore the VT Logo on their helmet.

I think "Apathetic Asshole" is a good one too. Eat shit, AWM...grow a soul.

Brown Buddy said...


Yeah I dug the Nationals wearing the caps last week, that was awesome. As was...yes...Ohio State

anyone else find it frightening how many people attend those spring games?? Enough so that they could form a giant VT at Penn State....insanity

Skurny said...

yeah, there were something like 92,000 fans at Alabama's Spring game...92,000!