Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You guys are going to love this.

So as we all know, Monica stepped down as the Student Manager about 2 weeks ago for reasons I think we all know. We've been wondering who our new SM would be and we finally found out yesterday. You older guys probably don't know him but it's Rod Gentile. A little background on this dude for you folks that have been gone a while. Becker has pretty much had the best team in the company and has for the past year and this dude was his SM. Oh and btw, we haven't hit a team budget since Jill came to our team 15 months ago.

We got the big news yesterday at about 5 that he was our new SM and we all had a chance to meet him. At the end of our meeting today, Jill anounced that Rod resigned from AIU because he wanted to spend more time with the family. Conincidence? HAHA! I think the fuck not!!!


Brown Buddy said...

You have no idea. But that is without question the greatest thing I've heard in over a year.

I actually found out last night, Monica called to tell me.

Can I do the anonymous email thing?? I want to send that fug monster an email saying, "maybe its not them...maybe its you"

Skurny said...