Monday, May 14, 2007

At Least I'm Here -- by J.O.B.

1) An unmerger of unequals: Like many famous pairings, many of us knew this wouldn't last. After nearly 10 years, Daimler and Chrysler are breaking up. Holdings company Cerberus has purchased the Chrysler arm and the link has all the details. On the plus side, Cerberus has a history of taking companies that were losing and making them winners. On the minus side, Dan Quayle (yeah - that Dan Quayle) runs one of their units. I say as long as they get back to making Challenger/Charger/300 style cars - I'm excited.

2) The Bulls made a lot of people money yesterday. Pushing this series to a game five means more revenue for advertisers and for TNT or ESPN. I'd look it up but that would mean I have a need to know this beforehand, when I know darn-well tomorrow night I'll look on one channel, and if it's not there - I'll look on the other. I'm feeling stronger about Noce, Gordon and Griffin for Jason Richardson every day.

3) Heroes starts its two-part season finale tonight and I'm literally counting the minutes. There may be other worthwhile drama's on TV this year, but this thing has been good to the last drop. I've heard that there is going to be a spinoff called Heroes: Origins that will take place in the offseason showing the origin of a new character each week and then letting the audience vote for who continues onto season two. Loving it.

4) Other Super-Hero related news: Tim Roth is the bad guy (Abomination) in the next Hulk movie. Ed Norton plays the big green with Liv Tyler as Betsy Ross. Flash Gordon and Bionic Woman are both coming to TV this fall - Flash Gordon on Sci-Fi and Bionic Woman on NBC. You know NBC is going to end up putting Bionic Woman and Heroes on back-to-back so the fanboys can all pee themselves. Finally, The Rock might be Shazam, David Boreanaz might be Namor the Sub-Mariner and Tyrese still might be Luke Cage.

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