Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Four, Five...Still Alive -- by J.O.B.

1) How 'bout dem Bulls?! I know, I was the first to write them off last week when they pooped away a 19 point lead in the third quarter. Well, let me be the first to kick myself in the nuts for giving up early. It was the first time I think I ever did that - I even stick around blowouts till the end when I attend games. Shame on me. My belief has always been that if the Bulls won, they'd have to do it in 6, so I think they can win at home Thursday, but robbing another game in Detroit - a game 7 at that, is going to be tough.

2) 12 hours and counting before I begin Insanity Weekend part I. Mrs. J.O.B. is taking little J.O.B. out of town for the weekend to see family friends with the in-laws. I'm on my own, responsibility free for the weekend. For the record, 56 Hope Rd is playing at Wise Fools on Saturday - I expect all those of you who can make it to the city to attend and drink with me. This band is really, really friggin' good and you should check 'em out.

3) I have been on the Lemon Cleanse for the past two days and amazingly I don't feel hungry. I would have sworn that I'd be willing to find, kill and cook a chicken myself at this point, but I've managed to steer clear. I think watching Fast Food Nation the night before I started helped a lot. Oh well, I only intended to do it for a couple of days, so tomorrow night, I'm back in the magical land of salads and Captain/Diets!

4) What's the word on a homebrew donation from the Missus, jnicho? I'll be cityside every night the rest of this week/weekend.

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Brown Buddy said...

According to Metromix, 56 Hope Road isn't until the 23rd...are you sure you have it right?

Or did you pull a Naugle and read it incorrectly?

Also, if the Bulls push this to 7 they are not losing. No f'ing way they are losing that game. Its only happened 3 times in history where a team has blown a 3-0 and had to play a game 7, and all 3 times the team that was up 3-0 ended up losing. Granted, the first two times it happened was in the NHL, so that sort of doesn't count...but it bears mentioning nonetheless. The psychological factor there is huge