Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Top 5 College Uniforms:
5. Penn State Football: Simple, yet classic...
4. UCLA Basketball: Gold and Blue, John Wooden
3. North Carolina Basketball: Jordon, Smith, Worthy, Carolina Blue
2. ND (gasp) Football: As much as I hate the Golden Domers, you have to respect the uni's.
1. Michigan Football: I know it's a homer pick but c'mon: Winged Helmet, Maize and Blue, the Big House, most victories all time...

Honorable Mention: Duke bball, Oklahoma/Texas football, Kentucky bball, USC Football (probably number 6), Alabama football, LSU Football (Paul Lukacs is having a heart attack)

Top 5 Pro Uniforms:
5. Dallas Cowboys: America's team, even though I must not be American because I hate them...the Star is classic
4. Toronto Maple Leafs: Sorry BB, the Maple Leaf is Canada's symbol...
3. Boston Celtics: That Chinese guy is going to look great in green.
2. Detroit Tigers: BB, couldn't agree more, I've owned more hats with the Old English D on it than you can shake a stick at.
1. Yankees: No logo in sports is more recognizable than the "NY" and pinstripes are legendary.

Honorable Mention: Any of the Original Six (excluding the Bruins because they suck), Steelers, NY Football Giants (now that they went back to retro with the red), Red Sox


Brown Buddy said...

I didn't even consider college...but lets go with:

5. Arizona Basketball- reminiscent of the '91 final four team, featuring Kenny Lofton at the point..and the high top fade!! (JOB- show us the pics, I know you had one)
4. Texas Longhorns- a shade of orange you never see anywhere else...and the logo...and those crazy ass nutball fans
3. Penn State- Right there with ya
2. UNC Baby blue- and 9 of 10 people in the ghetto agree with us on that one.
1. Indiana basketball- cream & crimson. They somehow make those candystriper pants look good.

Skurny said...

Yeah...left out IU, foolish of me

C'mon JOB: I've even bugged you about this before, there is nothing wrong with showing off your high top fade...c'mon!

Kentucky Basketball is up there, too but Rupp was a Falwellesque Gay and Black hater, I can't respect that.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Okay, we need to determine whether we're talking about uni's for a specific year in college basketball because for the most part Arizona, Duke, UNC and Kentucky are all just a different shade of a Nike template. It's not Dukeworld, or Arizonaworld - it's just Nikeworld. It's disgusting.

As far as the Tigers, see my comments on BB's last post.

For football, I cannot support a team uni that is lopsided, so the Steelers are out on a count of their helmet. Finally, the Giants in red? Debauchery. The pure blue and white is actually one of the best.