Sunday, May 20, 2007

Upcoming Fights

Heavyweight Fight 6-2-07
Sultan Ibragimov v. Shannon Briggs
Ibragimov is the favorite. If the "cannon" comes into the fight in shape look for the upset.

Welterweight Fight 6-9-07
Miguel Angel Cotto v. Zab Judah
Cotto is the "heir" to the 147lb title. Big favorite in this fight and if he wins it should set up a Shane Mosley fight for the undisputed 147 title.

Light Welterweight Fight - 6-23-07
Ricky Hatton v. Jose Luis Castillo
Hatton by a dissapointing split decision.

Heavyweight Fight 7-7-07
Wladimir Klitschko v. Lamon Brewster
The most fascinating fight of the year. It was brewster that defeated Klitschko in one of the most bizarre fights of all time. Wladimir pounded Brewster for 3 1/2 rounds. The last 30 seconds Brewster turned it on and unleashed a flury of punches on the exhausted Klitschko. The bell rings and Klitschko walks attempts to walk back to his corner but collapses. He can't get up. Ref calls it a KO and Klitschko hasn't lived it down since. Klitscho by decision.

Middleweight Fight 7-21-07
Bernard Hopkins v. Ronald Wright
Possibly the most boring fight ever. Like fencing? That's what this fight will be. Hopkins ducked Wright for years. He actually moved up to Light Heavyweight rather than fight Wright. I'm going to go with Hopkins because Wright has really slowed down since moving up to 160lbs.


Brown Buddy said...

And we finally found the NHL a prom date to the "sports America used to care about" themed dance!

Seriously though, how do you keep up with this stuff? Where do they show fights anymore? Showtime and HBO?

Skurny said...

What? Who? Did someone call?

I must have fallen asleep shortly after reading this...

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I'm waiting on the Hopkins fight...

Skurny said...

I'm waiting for boxers to start boxing again.

If the Hopkins fight doesn't go at least 100 rounds I'm asking for my nickel back!