Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Word To Big Bird -- by J.O.B.

1) Had Sirius radio installed for my road trip last Friday mostly for the anticipation of being stuck in the car for the Bulls game. Smartest music decision I've made in some time. It's worth the $13/month for at least 5-10 of the stations. It was the first time I drove somewhere and actually just left the radio alone for multiple hours at a time.

2) Is it just me or do the Bulls look like an efficient machine? Never too rushed, never too out of sync. The Heat would make runs in that series, and the Bulls would just pick and roll or pick and pop and keep biting away. If I were the Pistons, I'd be wishing that the Bulls would have gotten that second seed right about now.

3) Skurny's in town on Thursday? If you're in early enough, maybe we can snag a drink - I've got tickets for Spider-Man 3 at a midnight showing on a "Superscreen" here in my neck of the 'burbs, but I'm free before that. Yep, I'm still a big enough nerd to see a superhero movie at a midnight showing. I've seen movies on this mythical Superscreen before. It's basically IMAX without the title.

4) Got to play around with the PS3 at a buddy's house. I'm having trouble understanding why people are even comparing the Wii or the XBox 360 to this thing. I was completely amazed on a graphics level, as well as a capabilities level. I don't know every technilogical spec, and I think that makes my experience more real-world. You can compare every little detail or you can play both and say, "which was the cooler, more satisfying experience." Well, I've done that and I'm PS3 all the way. Worth the extra money, cheapskates.

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