Friday, June 29, 2007

Cuz' It's Everywhere -- by J.O.B.

Watching Headline News right now. Look, I'm so effing tired of hearing the attempt to blame "steroids" in this murder-suicide. Sadly enough, while I know they found steroids in the house and will ultimately find them in his bloodstream, which will lead them to blaming this on steroids, it just won't be the case. Yes, it is a known fact that "'roid rage" is real and people do have the ability for personality shifts as a result, but there are a number of other factors to consider with this. Killing people over the course of days is not a 'roid rage-type of action. Leaving bibles by the bodies is not a roid rage-type of action. This guy had some mental issues that went far beyond anything having to do with steroids. True, coupling steroids and mental illness is a bad idea, but it's also a bad idea for us to fall into the trap of lumping every steroid in together as a cause of 'roid rage.

I've done a large amount of research and been in contact with a great number of doctors that agree that steroids have the propensity to be as safe as any other supplement if used properly and as dangerous as many if used improperly. In addition, with the thousands of forms of supplements out there, to blanketly lump everything together as "steroids" is like lumping every liquid together as "water." It's completely irresponsible. I have had and know of people who have had positive steroid experiences and like most other things that people put in their bodies either orally or by injection, it is best done in moderation and measured quantities. The issue is rarely the steroid and more often the reluctance for the user to stop or pause their usage. I know of users who have cycled properly for over 30 years and are as healthy as ever in their 60's.

There are a number of easily misused compounds that give everything a bad name. The problem is with the laws and the understanding way more than it is with the actual product itself. Just like other drug laws in this country, steroid laws are so horrendous and wrongly all-encompassing that there is no proper education, and people are forced to rely on shady sources to acquire what they seek.

More times than not, people seeking a better esthetic look take "calculated risks" with the sources they trust. My first-hand experience was with ordering from overseas pharmacies. Luckily I have friends in the right places with the ability to test what I had acquired to make sure it was legit, but 99% of the time, people just have hope for the best. The response is usually, "if it's that risky, why do it at all?" I don't know, it's less risky than most plastic surgery ... My only real answer is that we live in a world today where physical appearance is a humongous part of a lot of people's self confidence. How one presents themselves is vital to everything from acquiring a mate to success in the job world. The information age has made finding out about and acquiring steroids of all sorts more available and more people are willing to take a chance. Sadly, a lot of these people stop educating themselves after understanding only the basics and coming to a conclusion that it is possible to participate in the culture without overdoing it, without actually finding out what that actually means. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also a lot of people that have educated themselves very highly and take great care to precisely measure their cycles and doses to a very successful conclusion.

Again, just like any other pharmaceutical argument, the anti-steroid populous is filled with companies and organizations that are anti-steroid strictly to push their own supplements. Doctors aren't the biggest opponent to the legalization of steroids, alternative supplement companies are. The supplement industry is huge and would take an enormous hit if steroids were ever made legal. It's the same old cat and mouse game.


jnicho5 said...

I agree with everything but the part about coupling steroids with mental illness.

AngryWhiteMan said...

BB was once on AS. All I can say is don't piss him off when he is juicing!

AngryWhiteMan said...


AS (anabolic steroids)