Monday, June 25, 2007

Eff Mondays -- by J.O.B.

1) My comments on AWM's "WWE" post say it all - someone made the Crippler tap out ... : (

2) Couldn't have had a more productive Saturday night. It looks like Fifty-Fifty Records talent will be playing Wise Fools Pub, Grand Central, and a few other places as soon as dates and other basic issues can be worked out. The guys at Wise Fools are great as is the crew that owns the conglomerate that includes Grand Central. I'll keep you posted.

3) More from the shameless plug files: What are the Chicago-based GoalsGroupers doing Thursday night? My business partner is currently head bartending down at a place called English that is having it's grand opening Thursday night. It's a three floor gastropub with pool tables and pretty inexpensive drinks for a downtown establishment ($4-$8.) If you want to come out on Thursday, I'm sure you will be taken care of on some beverages. Let me know if you want to go - I'll be promoting this all week ... 444 N. LaSalle.

4) The NBA draft is this Thursday. We all know it's Oden and Durant at 1 and 2. Do the Bulls somehow swing the 3-way trade to get Kobe? Does Garnett get moved? Everyone has a chance again starting Friday morning.

Bonus goal: If you watched the Cubs game tonight - this is the kind of stuff miracle runs are made of. These are games you look back on as key turning points. I'd still flog Bob Howry (I don't care if he puts religious verses (the June 25th "ticker" towards the bottom) on his hat or not. I think the Cubs will Milwaukee shortly after the All-Star Break.

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