Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goals are forever

1. What a weekend! My friend, the artist formerly known as Law School Tim, came down to Dallas for the weekend: Some highlights:
Friday night: Rangers vs Brewers, snuck down within 20 rows of the field...
Saturday night: FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy, LST found a cell phone in his pocket that wasn't his (both Razr's), we still can't find the owner...neither of us know how it turned up, only that whoever owns this phone knows someone named "John (so hot)"
Sunday: My liver went on strike and refuses to go back to work until I start providing safe working conditions.

2. Sopranos finale tonight, I can't believe this is it...there's so much to tie in for the last episode...I cannot wait.

3. I had an interesting conversation with LST regarding the best pitcher of our generation...Clemons? Smoltz? Maddux? Pedro? I feel that Smoltz (overall) is the best of our generation, even though he only won 1 World Series. Clemons, although he's won 7 Cy Young's, 3 World Series and may have the best stats, but as a leader, player and all-around good guy, Smoltz is my guy. Your thoughts?

4. The kid, Andrew Miller improved to 2-0, his first two starts in his young career. This guy is the real deal, another great young arm for the Tiges. The Tigers have scored at least 10 runs in 6 of their last 12 games, unstoppable if only we can beat Cleveland...


Brown Buddy said...

Best pitcher of our generation? I love Smoltz...obviously. But I don't see how it can be anyone but Clemens in turns of best overall career. But in my opinion, it goes something like this:

Best four year peak: Maddux (92-95)

Best two year peak: Pedro ('99-'00, which is probably best 2 year peak of anyone, ever. Period. End of discussion).

Best big game/postseason pitcher: Smoltz (15 postseason wins- most by anyone ever, '92 NLCS MVP, also- people forget he threw 9 shutout innings in game 7 of the '91 WS, but Jack Morris threw ten shutout innings) Also, you gotta factor in his 4 years as an elite reliever in the overall discussion- only guy with 200 wins/150 saves

Best strikeout pitcher/most fun pitcher to watch: Randy Johnson

So thats my opinion. You can argue for weeks over who had/has the better career between Clemens and Maddux, I think the edge might go to Maddux simply because his prime was stronger than Clemens...and Clemens also benefited from playing half of his peak years in pitchers parks- Yankee Stadium (for a righty) and Skydome, while Maddux pitched in the "launching pad" of Fulton County Stadium (the Braves didn't move into the more pitcher friendly Ted until 1997)

Also some thoughts on Andrew Miller: this guy has a chance to be something special. He has smooth mechanics (which, knock on wood, means he's unlikely to break down), and his slider is unhittable. If he can get consistency from a third pitch, look out.

Brown Buddy said...

upon closer examination, I retract my previous comments about Andrew Miller...he seemed like he was kind of throwing across his body today...

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Sadly enough, Pedro had the injury blip in 2001, where he was still 7-3 in 18 starts. Bracketed around that year is 17-8, 19-7, 23-4, 18-6, 20-4, and 14-4. In only one of those years did he have an ERA over 2.39 (it was 2.89 in the 19 win year, his first with Boston) and the 2.39 ERA was in the injury year. I think Pedro is due more than just "best two year peak."

This guy has three Cy Young's, two second places with 19 and 20 win seasons, and a third place the year he had a slick 2.22 ERA.