Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I suppose it's time for some Goals

1. BB: In regards to your "I wouldn't call it a meltdown but we all know it's a meltdown" goal on hockey: You're absolutely right...the hardest ticket to get in Detroit in the past 10-15 years (other than Tigers WS Tickets) is the Red Wings...year in, year out, doesn't matter what's going on with the league in general, the Wings are always the hardest event in D-Town to get tickets for...as for Canada, I've done some fact-checking and found that there is actually money in Canada and yes, even people...granted their Canadian people, but the free health care system of Canada confirms heartbeats and pulses do exist. Plus I love Tim Hortons, or as I like to call it: "Timmy Ho-Bags".

2. Couldn't agree more with Bill Simmons on two things: First, wholesale revamping of my Pistons, get rid of Billups (even though Rip will have a fit) and Sheed...Dumars is smart enough to know it's time for changes...I hope. Second, Cowherd is a fucking asshole like J.O.B. pointed out when he ripped of the M Zone blog back in March...seriously, what is it going to take to get this asshole fired from espn? How about Cowherd and Bayless for Stalin and Lenin? I'd take that deal.

3. Going to the Tigers/Rangers game tomorrow night here in Dallas...going with a rowdy group of 10 co-workers including exactly ONE other Tigers fan, and of course, we have vowed to heckle the Rangers awful bullpen and cheer ridiculously hard for the Tigers...the good news? We're the top two bosses...the bad news? Texans are fucking crazy.

4. My friend, who'll we'll call "The artist formerly known as Law School Tim" now known as "The Artist Now Known as Grad School Tim" or "I'm petrified to get an actual job Tim", a Chicagoland native, diehard Bears, Cubs and Bulls fan,U of I alumni and overall alcoholic is coming to the Big D this weekend. The plan: Possible Texas/Brewers game Friday night, FC Dallas/LA Galaxy game on Saturday night (don't laugh, some of us actually enjoy soccer) with a JFK Memorial trip in between. Because us history geeks get into that shit. And lots of drinking, probably.

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