Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Return of the Goals

1. The wedding weekend in Michigan was outstanding. Everything went well at Wheaton Joel's wedding, including the annual Friday night pool party at my parent's house, which (for the first time ever) my Dad was a part of, he was loving it. Great weekend all around, I'm still recovering. Definately the most stress free wedding I've ever been part of, gotta love that.

2. This Benoit thing has definately taken a turn for the worse...first it's murder/suicide, now they find roids at his house...and wwe is saying they're not related? I doubt it. My next guess is they find PCP or something in his system at the time. Such a shame.

3. Tigers update: Kill Todd Jones. Or at least trade him. Please. Now.

My new favorite sports blog.

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jnicho5 said...

Long Live the Big Buck!