Saturday, June 2, 2007

Todd Jones Sucks

1. So my beloved Tigers lost 12-11 to Cleveland last night thanks to Todd Jones proving once again that fucking sucks. You can go straight to hell, Todd Jones. And for the record, Sheffield should have thrown his bat handle directly at that Ump and him in squaw in the balls. THAT would have warranted a three game suspension.

2. So game 6 tonight...I'd like to see Flip do a little coaching this evening, maybe a double team on Lebron? Maybe sending in Delfino to kick Lebron in the knee? Maybe Bill Laimbeer comes out of the crowd and body slams him? Or maybe he just calls a timeout and says, "Hey guys, we really need to clog up the lane so that guy wearing the #23 jersey doesn't destroy us again!" That'd be great. C'mon Flip, wake up.

3. Everyone step back because BB is going to blow a load all over the place:

4. Glad to see everyone on this blog is an alcoholic except AWM, who is a mocraftoholic. Because that's just as healthy. Somebody's got hold Jnicho's hair when he's puking up Watermelon Pucker, as long as it's after the planned Raid on Sir Matthew Van Strompenberg's Castle in Forest McBlacknight.


Brown Buddy said...

Someone was drunk...

and I'm pretty sure quintuple teaming Lebron won't matter much tonight. GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skurny said...

Yeah, we didn't exactly expect daniel gibson to score 31 tonight either...congrats, have fun getting destroyed by the spurs