Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend for Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean: Worlds End – Way to destroy a franchise. It turned from quirky/cool to childish/dumb somewhere in between the second and third movie. I really enjoyed the first two installments but wow this was bad, really bad. No wait - really, really bad.

Hannibal Rising – This was surprisingly decent considering Anthony Hopkins wasn’t in it because to me, he made the previous three movies what they were. I didn’t like it because every serial killer shouldn’t have to have a traumatic childhood to explain why they do the things they do. Why can’t he just be an intelligent man who likes to kill and eat people? >:)

Children of Men – I hear some people really like this movie. Not me! Maybe I should watch it again…. No f@%^ing way! For some reason, I’m thinking Andy would like this and of course Bobby. F&%*ing amazing concept but I couldn’t get into it. You can start talking shit now.

Pan's Labyrinth - We have here what could have been a truly amazing movie BUT it was in subtitles. haha. Just kidding.
After the Pale Man scene, the movie didn't satisfy my needs for a fantasy aspect which is my main gripe. It's not as noticable as shit movies such as Bridge to Tarabithia (regardless of what critics say) but we want to see the fantasy world! The problem is that we've seen LOTR's and now no movie will dare give us a true fantasy world the way LOTR's did. I could talk about this movie for hours but I'll spare you all the grief. It is visually amazing and you nerds will like all the political significance (Which I think is gay). Guillermo del Toro (Director) also made another movie that some say is just as good if not better called The Devil's Backbone. I have yet to check it out due to Blockbuster not having it but I will asap. It's not a sequel or does it have any connection to PL but it's very similar.

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Skurny said...

Yes, AWM: I loved Children of Men and I recommend you watch it far as PL goes, I did like it, but not so much for the fantasy aspect but the Spanish Civil War (which was really the entire point of the movie)...interesting to hear your insight in any case.