Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where my dogs at?

1. My take on the Mike Vick situation is similar to JOB's...If the charges are true, he's obviously done with football forever and will probably face some serious Federal Jail Time...Either way, he's ruined as a human. Not being able to throw a touchdown was bad enough for him, maybe it's better to be the Tom Brady of Dogfighting than the Mike Vick of football. I am having a hard time understanding what would make someone like Michael Vick run a dogfighting empire when they could have anything they wanted, it's sad, disgusting and wrong. If true, I hope the Feds make an example of him.

2. So I've been listening to a lot of Muse lately...maybe a cross between Radiohead and Queen, if you can imagine that. It differs from metal infused rock to long, winding guitar solo's to accoustic took me a few listens to get into their album "Absolution" but now I'm hooked. They have a great sound and their songs are certainly not the typical "Verse/Chorus/Verse/Bridge/Chorus" layout, which I love. Too many musicians think they have to follow the formula, I prefer non-linear, feels more natural.

3. Going back to Meeeechigan tonight for the weekend...have to renew my Drivers License and take the daunting 15 question test. I'm definately looking forward to lounging by my pool and playing a little golf.

4. So BB was correct, I was excited about last night's Tigers/Twins contest featuring Andrew "The Kid" Miller against Johan Santana...thanks to Magglio, Miller and the Tigers got the W in Minnesota. Three RBI's off Santana bringind his season numbers to: .353 Batting Avg, 15 HR, 79 RBI's, .436 OBP, 72 Runs, .600 SLG...He's the frontrunner for AL MVP right now, baby...Bonderman goes for 11-1 in about an hour...

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