Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Not An Ambi-Turner -- by J.O.B.

Male Model story 1) So my best non-Goals Group friend is poking through Craigslist Saturday night, which he does often as an actor/model looking for opportunity. He calls on an ad looking for models and the people say they're in town for a couple days and ask him to come out to meet them (about 2 hours from the time of the call, mind you.) Figuring it'd be a learning experience either way, he goes, deals with the usual stuff - hotel meeting room, panel of executives, body composition test, etc. So they sit him down and offer him $200K over the next two years to be the top model for a new line coming out next month. His own personal assistant, iPhone, G4 Powerbook and travel 10-15 times a year to the normal fashion meccas (L.A., Miami, Milan, and Paris.) This was a guy who's company was closing down two months ago and laid him off just before he got his severance. At one point he had to borrow $40 just to carry him to his last paycheck. Couldn't be happier for him.

Male Model story 2) A celebration dinner is in order, right? So we got to Melting Pot downtown, which was incredible. I'd had fondue before but not the Melting Pot experience. The girl he's dating called ahead and told them what our special occasion was, so they treated us like rock stars supermodels including some free champagne. Great place, and oh yeah - on the way in he gets a call from his contact ... they're bumping him up another $50K over two years to personal train a couple models.

Male Model story 3) I get a text from him yesterday. He went back to take some pictures for them and they asked if he'd be willing to take on the role of head personal trainer as well. Easy decision - it added another $40K over the two years, and now as an executive, he gets his own hotel on the road instead of rooming with another model.

Male Model story 4) Last night I'm talking to him and he tells me the big launch in New York is the 27th of next month, but he'll be there from the 25-30th for other goings on. In addition to that however, he gets to bring guests, airfare and hotel paid for by the company. Guess who's going to NYC ...


Brown Buddy said...

...what he didn't mention is that male model is none other than yours truly.

Skurny said...

Yeah, you and your soul patch.

Tell him to read "Glamorama" by Bret Easton Ellis if he wants to find out what the world of modeling is all about.

Brown Buddy said...

YES!! Dude I was totally thinking the same thing. Next to Less Than Zero thats my favorite BEE book