Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Is My Friday -- by J.O.B.

1) I don't think the combined talents of Perry Mason, Matlock, Magnum P.I., Columbo, Monk, Velma, Remington OR Steele could solve the mystery of AWM's missing balls. Like car keys or a lost remote, they were probably right under his nose the whole time. I don't know what the heck all your veiled innuendo means about reading between the lines, but it's good to see you finally sacked up. I'm going to take a wild stab that the bar is in Boys Town ...

2) Officially deny the possibility of me being on the Cedric Benson defense team. Unlike Rex, "Cedson" has made claims of greatness, created turmoil as a 2nd stringer, and has yet to prove a flash of brilliance. If he fails, the fault will be two-fold - one part his for claiming he can do the job, and the second part the Bears for believing him.

3) Going water skiing on a private lake in Indiana this weekend. Probably one of my more relaxing weekends of the year. My phone usually doesn't work out there, I don't leave the property other than to be on the water, and I don't have to cook or clean anything. Serenity now.

4) I officially became a Uniwatch member. You know my name, so you can find me on the roster. The only trivia question comes down to what teams color treatment did I use? Best of luck super-sleuths ...

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Skurny said...

yeah, I may or may not have seen your Christian name on the Uniwatch page the other day when they messed up the card.

You're like, famous

Goals later today, I didn't forget about you kids.