Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trivia Newton John

This Wednesday night (as some of you may have heard), I along with my friend Rick will be hosting Trivia Night at Joe's on Weed Street (right off the North/Clybourn L stop). If any of you can make it, it will be well worth it, I promise. 1st prize gets $20 off their bar tab, as well as bragging rights for a solid week. And as an incentive, I'll provide 4 of my favorite questions (one from each round, General, Sports/Leisure, Music, Movies, TV)

1) Historic Route 20 is one of the few major US Highways to extend from coast to coast, from Boston Massachusetts, to Corvallis Oregon. Its known as Euclid Avenue in Cleveland Ohio, 26th Street in Erie Pennsylvania. What east/west street is Route 20 better known as within the Chicago city limits?

2) Of all players in baseball history, this current White Sox pitcher and former Cub is listed first alphabetically, replacing Hank Aaron when he made his debut in 2004

3) Later referred to by REM’s Michael Stipe as one of the premier unsolved surrealistic acts of the 20th century, CBS anchorman Dan Rather was assaulted on Park Avenue in New York City in 1986, while the assailant, William Tager repeatedly shouted this phrase, which was later the title of an REM song 8 years later. What was that phrase?

4) In the film Anchorman, Brian Fantana does indeed have name for his penis. Its called the Octagon. But he also nicknamed his testes. What are the names of his left and right testicles?

5) What is the longest running TV sitcom, and how many years has it been running?


Brown Buddy said...

Oh, and no cheating.

Its worth mentioning (in my opinion) that its $5 Coors Light pitchers on Wednesday at Joes. I can hear Angry White Man salivating right now...

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

1)Lake Street. It runs right by my house ...
2)Aardsma - the "d" trumps Aaron's "r."
3)"What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" Rather was 'rather' a good sport about it, actually
4)James Westphal and Dr. something... can't remember the right one's name. Noslaughter or something. Haven't watched my copy in about 2 months...
5)Easiest of the bunch considering the current goings on - The Simpsons

Skurny said...

Kenneth Noisewater