Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dose Of Sanity -- by J.O.B.

1. Busting my hump to try and get the gig at Vocalo. I'll be on again this Saturday (either 89.5 FM or http://www.vocalo.org/) and hopefully I can get the traction I want to get offered the permanent gig.

2. Does anyone else occasionally find sports to be viciously frustrating? I mean, to truly have a favorite team or two in everything from college football to professional hockey can just be utterly heartbreaking right? U of M is 1-2. The Bears are 1-2. The Sox have been out since about April 11th. The Cubs will probably make the playoffs, but we know they probably won't win the World Series. The Blackhawks are probably still the effing Blackhawks. Am I really already looking forward to seeing Joakim Noah? I know, I try not to invest myself so heavily into these teams but I've tried being a casual fan and it's like casually liking porn. You're either into some porn, or you're not - there's no half-way. Jesus H., it just crushes me sometimes. Does this happen to anyone else?

3. While out a week or two ago I ran into the incomparable paring of Terence White and Johnny Wines. Classic, classic characters - T-dot with the "I just defected from Cuba" white pinstripe suit and Timberlake fedora and Wines looking like either his bodyguard or his valet.

4. My reason for breathing is almost here - check out http://www.gtrnissan.com/. I'm in heaven in less than a month.

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