Monday, September 17, 2007


1) Unless you're that girl who dates Nick Poe...
2) I'm kind of getting sick of the term "Hey, a win is a win". Not when you play like shit it isn't.
3) Kudos to Sally Field. Would anyone guess of all the people they would have to censor it would be Sally Field?
4) What 4 starting pitchers would you bring into the playoffs if you were the Cubs. Let's make it easy. Zambrano, Marquis and Lilly are a given. Who's your 4th guy?


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Number four has to be Trachsel. I'll take a vet in the playoffs over Hill or Marshall any day. You just can't risk having a team fight to get a lead and watching the pitcher give it right back like Hill did last night.

Brown Buddy said...

Trachsel? As in Steve Trachsel? Mr. 62? The answer-to-the-trivia-question Trachsel?

Don't you HAVE to start Rich Hill? I mean honestly, who's more likely to give you 7 scoreless? In my opinion (as well as a lot of people much smarter than me), the most important pitching stat (as an indicator of postseason success) is K-BB ratio, or rather, the rudimentary ability to miss bats. Rich Hill is actually one of the better pitchers in the league. Though I haven't been paying much attention to him lately...I admit

Also, yeah Trachsel is a "veteran" and everything...but Hill is no spring chicken, isn't he like 27?

jnicho5 said...

But, Hill shits the bed. Every time.