Friday, September 28, 2007


So some of you might remember that I really wanted to watch heroes last year but there was this certain telemarketing job that kept getting in my way. Damn you second shift!!! Anyways, I couldn't bring myself to watch the streamed version on from my computer chair after a 10 hour day in a cubicle.

I bought the first season 3 days ago and I'm only on episode 13. Yeah, I know know that if I was hardcore I would have finished it by now. hahaha muthafuckin hahaha. God, I love being unemployed!!

It is in my humble opinion that Heroes is the best series to ever hit television. I can't believe how gruesome they can be on cable TV. Yes, there are those dumb moments that only happen on TV which makes it unrealistic but I could care less. This series gives me the chills just about every episode. I've never experienced anything like it before. My roommate and Vicki (Yes, Vicki....I know) have been watching it from the beginning with me and they are absolutely amazed and they aren't fantasy/comic dorks like I am.

I could go into much more detail but I'm busy doing absolutely nothing today.

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