Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jive Turkey -- by J.O.B.

1) S0-o-o-o-o, do you think Ben Gordon and Luol Deng are wishing they could go back and sign those extensions they left on the table before the start of the season? At this point the only untouchable player on the Bulls is ... yeah, move any collection at this point.

2) Torii Hunter - reason #17,306 why the Chicago White Sox will never be the New York Yankees. Other than that other centerfielder recently castoff from his long time team down in Georgia, Hunter was probably the major position player prize of the free agent market. This is what makes the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry and why the White Sox-Twins rivalry will never rate. It was a perfect chance to plunk big money in front of Hunter, have Jermaine Dye wine and dine his buddy and get him here. Instead, he slips out to the West Coast while we were swapping a 28-year old solid right-handed pitcher who has had no ailments and a solid W-L record for a shortstop. I'm not trying to downplay Cabrera, who basically had a career year for himself last year, but it's not the major move I'm looking for.

3) Let's see if I can run through this quickly:

  • The Kingdom - although I stand by my Libertarian stance of not effing with other Countries, this movie brought out the Patriotism in me and made me wish I studied harder than school and shot for the FBI - really liked it.
  • Across The Universe - do you like the Beatles? If so, this is a really good musical film utilizing 34 Beatles songs. I had a hard time watching Evan Rachel Wood knowing that she bangs Marilyn Manson in her off hours, but Bono and Eddie Izzard have great cameos and Joe Cocker sparkles in three different characters.
  • Reign Over Me - If Sandler just stopped making grade-school level humor comedies and focused on legit roles for the next 8-10 he could be the next Tom Hanks that Jim Carrey was supposed to be. Don Cheadle again loses himself in a character and the two of them are very good together (but not in that way, AWM.)
  • No Country For Old Men - The Coen brothers are ridiculous and so are the three main characters (Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.) Yes, the premise is about a guy who finds dead criminals and runs off with their money only to be hunted by Bardem, but the real heart of the movie had nothing to do with that. By the end, the money is a minute part of what's going on here. There is a determination, a necessity to do things "right" and to it's proper finish that takes a stranglehold on these characters. Well done.

4) In sending out my Happy Thanksgiving text messages, I realized that when it comes to last names - I'm a lone ranger. Of the 5 of us, 2 of you have a last name starting with an "s," and two of you have a last name starting with an "n." Not me though. If only the 50-Foot Woman decided to get back into the group, we'd have true parity ... I wouldn't hold my breath

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