Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lost Goals

1. Hey party for me this weekend, I'm heading up to Buffalo, New York (which is lovely this time of year...28 degrees on Saturday) to hang out with Misfits Dave, who BB had a really interesting conversation one time. And Czar of the StatTracker invited me even though he knew I wasn't in town.

2. London/Amsterdam were great, as expected. I think my international travels are grounded at least til Febuary unfortunately. AWM-there are non-white people in Europe as well. Sorry.

3. All signs point to Les Miles returning to Michigan...I'm happy with it, I suppose...but not really excited either.

4. Trent "I can still say 'Coloreds', right?" Lott is giving up his seat in the Senate. Now he's looking into Lobbying, where he has more money and power. Scary.

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