Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nuttin' But T.V. -- by J.O.B.

1) Revel in the fact that despite passing himself off as an audiophile at one point, BB is not only unaware of the band Seether (I'm Mulatto and I know who they are, jeez,) but unaware of the current love affair that the world has with Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus. Not only do you not have to be a subscriber to the Lefsetz newsletter to know who this is (any true audiophile subscribes to and reads Lefsetz,) you don't have to have a kid either. The chick is everywhere - charging over $2K for her live shows and all - and parents are paying. She is Hillary Duff/Mandy Moore/Britney/Christina circa their Disney careers. We all know that the Disney Channel is the breeding ground for tomorrow's female pop star. C'mon BB, I expect better from you.

2) I am very worried that Nip/Tuck has jumped the shark. I missed the last two seasons, and finally had a chance to tune in to the season opener this past Tuesday, as McNamara/Troy opened their L.A. office. What separates this from Dr. 90210 at this point? Don't get me wrong, it was funny, but it takes more than Asia Carrere dressed like a dominatrix to secure my viewership. You're on thin ice Nip/Tuck...

3) While sick the other day (I'm still sick, just not as sick,) I realized how many times Criss Angel's show Mindfreak is on during the day. Jesus H., alright dude, you do amazing tricks with Long Island flair, what do you want from me? I am ultimately distrustful of any magic I see on TV, just like I'm ultimately distrustful of AWM making any competent life change on his own.

4) For future reference, the Bulls might want to know more about who this guy is. Although a deal involving Sacramento and Ron Artest fell through, it shows how much the Bulls want to get someone involved to minimize their losses. Bibby is out for 6 weeks - can we get the Maloof's to take Ben Gordon in the deal somehow? Yeah, he scored a bunch of points, but his timing for not scoring sucks...


Brown Buddy said...

That chick may be everywhere...but I think you answered your own question. I have zero kids, I don't watch Disney Channel (or rather, I used to not watch Disney Channel) and...what was the name of that audio newsletter? Never heard of it.

I guess that makes me...not an audiophile. But it sure doesn't make me a pedophile either. Hey-yo!

Seriously though, what is this Lefsetz? I discover most of my stuff through Napster reco's...which are actually pretty good. Its how I got into Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Art Brut, and Death Cab (among many others).

Not to mention Skurny and his constant jocking of the Flaming Lips has got me listening to them again (I was big into them 5-6 years ago).

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Actually what I said is that you didn't need those parameters to know who she is - you don't, and you don't.

Regardless, the audio newsletter is written by Bob Lefsetz ( Go there, subscribe and then get a daily update in your mailbox everyday where he opines about everything from why major labels still aren't jumping on board with the digital age, to the overselling of groups like Maroon 5 as a major band, when they don't sell out live shows. Really great insight that I don't always agree with, but respect. If it's good enough to be read and responded to by guys like Quincy Jones, and other label heads, it's good enough for me.