Thursday, December 20, 2007

Catching Up -- by J.O.B.

1) You know we've gone to holiday shit when AWM is the only one holding the blog together. I'm wondering if Jnicho, Skurny and BB are part of the WGA ... do we need to pick up some scabs?

2) I've clicked links that have led to various photo galleries on in the past, but I had no idea that they ran this little weekly deal.

3) I actually entered a Bowl game confidence pool. It was one thing to try and pick the winners, but to try and assign confidence points ranging from 1-32? Nearly impossible. It was pretty much random chance from numbers 5-28.

4) My boy Ron Paul has raised nearly $20 million this quarter and set the record for one day donations and he still isn't getting any play. The average donation was less than $100 and half of the donations came from first-timers on the most recent $6 million day. I would like to be of the belief that the shatty straw polls the media runs to try and convince people that only 3 Republican candidates matter aren't indicative of what the people are feeling.

Bonus goals because I owe:
5) If it has become more acceptable in society for someone to leave a marriage because they realize they are gay, shouldn't be acceptable for someone to leave a marriage because they realize they prefer swinging? I mean, both being gay and being a swinger are sexual lifestyle choices, right? I'm just wondering because a buddy of mine is getting a lot of shit for making the move and I got heat for trying to rationalize it.

6) So it looks like the record label I'm working with is about 90 days from securing about $15 million in financing, but I'm trying to raise some capital in the shorter term because we're basically tapped out when it comes to personal investment right now. I'm personally looking for either a backer that wants to see a major return in 12-24 months or a 10% return when our funding hits. All-in-all we're trying to pull together at least $100K whether it's from 10 people with $10K or one person with the full boat, so if you know anyone looking to invest in something that might want to play in the music biz, let me know.

7) Who did Arthur Blank sell his soul to so as to amass the financial fortune he has? I mean, that is the trade-off for dealing with Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino in the same year, right? Oh, and now Bill Parcells snubs them for a team that just won for the first time last Sunday. All they need now is for Keith Brooking to have a helmet-to-helmet and end up paralyzed. Maybe part of the Georgiadome could collapse on some elderly fans or something. If I was him, I'd cut the effing molester 'stache, pronto!

8) Just what the Trixies that frequent Wrigley need: a right fielder who's name can easily be mispronounced as "Fuck you, do me." The bleachers on the Sheffield side of the park are easily going to be the most raucous in all of baseball this summer. I wonder how many signs like "Fuk'n Great" or "The Sox Fuk'n Suck" will be confiscated by security.

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