Thursday, January 10, 2008

Left Coast Goals

1. Hello from Seattle... so since getting here this morning I've:
-Drank a latte
-Listened to Eddie Vedder
-Bought organic bananas
both while it was raining. It's official, I am in Seattle.

2. What I'm drinking:
-Full Sail Brewing's LTD Series
Red Hook's Winterhook

3. BB's BOY Ron Paul actually hates half of BB and all of AWM...or at least in 1992 he did. Still voting for him?

4. So where I'm staying is literally 200 yards from Microsoft's World Headquarters. So if anyone is currently having Windows or XBOX issues, please let me know and I'll be glad to shake my fist at it first thing tomorrow. Or, if you prefer, I will throw eggs. Please send a money order to bail me out of jail. Thank you.


Brown Buddy said...

wait...are you implying that I'm half gay or half black? We know AWM is 100% gay, so I must be half minority. Yup...Ron Paul is the man.

Skurny said...

Sorry...I actually meant JOB's MAIN man...not you...but you're half brown, so get off welfare, stop rioting and get a job you beatnik hippie

AngryWhiteMan said...

What's wrong w/ welfare Skurny? You just jealous beotch!

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I've done a considerate amount of research on Ron Paul and the newsletters have been taken to issue ad nauseum well before this story somehow mysteriously came out just as he's showing more support than expected. He had always been very loosely associated with those newsletters and considering they were from 16 years ago, to ask him to throw the actual author under the bus is silly. It's not his standpoint and not consistent with Libertarian thought process. I know many people who have met the man and it's just not his style.

Ron Paul in 2008 bitches...

Skurny said...

Well if "its just not his style", he should be much more careful as far as who is writing things under his name and platform.

Responding to not knowing who had written that he said something (I'm paraphrasing) like "Well does the editor of a magazine know who's written all the articles in it?"...Um yes, good Doctor, he or she should. The Editor should absolutely know who's writing the articles and who's checking the facts. His lack of response is worrisome.