Thursday, January 3, 2008

Links for the Day

1) Check out Kevin Youkilis' new business venture. Not sure if this has made the rounds in the blogging universe yet (I refuse to use the term "blogosphere"...I hate that word about as much as "bracketology"). You really can't make this stuff up...and this is also why I refuse to despise the Red Sox. How can you not like this guy?? I mean, he's consistently a .400 OBP guy with a great range factor and zone rating defensively...ok, JOB's head is about to explode

2) Looks like AWM can be even lazier now! You can now receive your unemployment benefits through direct deposit! I'm all over this one...cuz now I can get my money while I'm out of the country! Oh, thats a whole other story...

3) Always fun to see your hometown newspaper quoted in a national news story...but this one kinda blows. Va. Tech linebacker Vince Hall injures his knee on a jetski...somehow. Looks like he's out for tonight's Orange Bowl. Good thing its only an exhibition game! (Seriously...I could give two shits if they win or lose. Its the only bowl game I'm watching...and its only because I have a vested interest in the team...its my last chance to see the Hokies play for 8 months)

4) Looks like Bill Stewart is getting the West Virginia coaching job full time after last night's win. Those of us from VA remember him fondly from his head coaching days at VMI, when they were consistently one of the worst programs in Division 1-A. With WVU on the schedule for Tech each of the next 6 years...Hokie fans couldn't be happier!

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