Monday, January 28, 2008

Preliminary Polls Don't Count Black People

1) How else can Obama come back from a 20pt deficit in a week?
2) Anyone see Lieberman switch sides again and back McCain this weekend in florida? Fuckin' jew traitor.
3) I saw a little retarded boy on the train today. I though of AWM.
4 ) So BB no Kegs n' Eggs?


Brown Buddy said...

Is that true? Or just hopeful speculation? I don't see how it would make sense...why wouldn't polls count black people?

Since this is actually one of my few areas of expertise (I do have a degree in Political Science), I can tell you that the polls are pretty advanced these days. Very accurate. The reason why they are always off in the primaries is because they can't take into account the independents that turn out to vote.

I hope you're right though...maybe we should ask our resident half-black person...see if he was polled at all

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Well, according to Obama's campaign, I'm not even half-black. I mean, all the talk is about him being the first black President and how he's the black candidate. His Mom is whiter than AWM and probably twice as racist (although I have no basis for this.) Regardless, no, I haven't been polled.