Friday, January 4, 2008

To Do List Goals

1) Brew an all grain porter.
2) Go to Jim's Original down by UIC and get a polish w/ onions.
3) Think about that time when BB agreed to pay for AWM's lunch and he ordered a $15 meal.
4) Play Alternate Reality the Dungeon.


AngryWhiteMan said...

It was $11.

Standard for any man eating at PP.

Brown Buddy said...

it was $12...and I bought it anyway...and then I got called cheap.

AWM was just embarrassed that he got called out on being a fatty, and calling me cheap was his only retort

AngryWhiteMan said...

Yeah you're cheap. You even remember that it was $12! Every dollar counts you penny pinching bastard.

You should have seen the look on your face. You were absolutely appalled that I could have spent 12 of your hard earned AIU dollars on a meal.

The funny part about it was that I didn't have my wallet on me and told you I'd pay you back the next day. We agreed to that before we ever left our shitty job that day.

Cheap ass.

AngryWhiteMan said...;jsessionid=A78048D34EA5A778465FBC262589CF80

How the hell did I spend $12?

The prices must have went down. No really, somehow I always seem to spend at least $10.

Good thing I have a decent metabolism because I fucking hate fat people. They stank