Thursday, February 28, 2008

...Because I'm tired of looking at that stupid baby

...Even though I'm the one that put it there.

1) I'm going to see this tonight if anyone wants to come. 9pm at Navy Pier! Its supposedly amazing. Though to be fair, the same was said of Atonement, and I'll never get that 3.5 hours of my life back. Ever.

2) Anyone want to weigh in on the naming rights of Wrigley Field being up for sale? Can I point out the irony in this that the name "Wrigley Field" is, in itself, a corporate sponsorship? That being said, I really don't think anything will happen. The backlash would be unbelievable...we're talking a boycott of whatever corporation buys the naming rights (just imagine how many cafe baristas would be back on the streets of Lincoln Park should Starbucks purchase the naming rights!)

3) Baseball is back, baby! Tomorrow at noon: Braves vs. Dodgers on ESPN. I'll save my annual Why Baseball is Better Than Football column for a later date...but start getting excited, kids. With the exception of AWM, all of our favorite teams should be competitive in their respective divisions (or wait, is JOB a Sox fan? I keep forgetting). I personally believe Atlanta and Detroit will be the Wild Cards this year. As for AWM's Cardinals...well, Scott Spiezio is making headlines, and is reaching pantheon level awesomeness unparalleled since Spiezio himself donned a red goatee during the '06 World Series run. (Seriously? Not only did he get a DUI, but he walked all the way to his friends house after crashing his car, puked on the guy's floor, then decked him before leaving? How awesome!)

4) Attention everyone playing Fantasy Baseball this year! I'm pretty much your go-to guy when it comes to picking sleepers. I have it on record that I successfully picked breakout years from a couple of second basemen (Kelly Johnson, and BJ Upton) last year. Some ground rules for picking sleepers: young pitchers almost always have their breakout year one year AFTER everyone unanimously picks them to break out. Young position players are more likely to breakout if they are playing on a bad team (low expectations, more AB's, less pressure, etc.). These two facts bode well for two guys: Felix Hernandez of the M's (though he wasn't exactly chopped liver last year, methinks he'll bag his first Cy Young this year...or at least be in the discussion), and Alex Gordon of the KC Royals (consensus preseason pick for ROY last year struggled, but he's going to be tremendous). Apologies to Justin Upton (BJ's brother will have some growing pains in his first full season), Delmon Young (still hasn't mastered his strike zone judgement) and Ubaldo Jimenez of Colorado (I just don't think he's that good).

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