Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday -- by J.O.B.

1) Just watched the Knight Rider movie on NBC. I have to say it can go down as being any less viable as Heroes or Bionic Woman. The new Michael Knight has all the acting talent as Shaquille O'Neal, KITT is a Mustang and Senator Kelly, who I was sure died in the first X-Men, lives on as the boss, but the chick has hypnotic eyes and Val Kilmer's voice keeps me subliminally interested, so I'm a buyer.

2) Because of the proliferation of Satellite, Tivo and On Demand, the ratings of the NBA will never be what they were in the Jordan, Magic, Bird, Isiah era, but has there been a better group of talented athletic players since the '80s? The Bulls might be the lone NBA team without an All-Star level player. Okay, you can probably add the Sixers and the Grizz to that list, but take a guy like David West. Over the last three years playing full time he's averaging better numbers than James Worthy, who he is probably closest to in style and ability - and Worthy is a Hall-Of-Famer. Now if they can just get the All-Star uni's under control ... yep, I separate linked West and East under "All" and "Star."

3) I got to experience lesbian church today. Like, seriously - Our Patron Saint of Muff Divers. There were some 'Mo's there too, but mostly the butch and the butchier. I didn't think that's what I was walking into but since we were the guest of my lesbian sister-in-law, I should have assumed. I won't go into the "Christian" sermon, but it included saying that divorce was okay and the program noted that the senior board member was going to be doing a past life regression workshop. Honestly, the fact that I smelled like patchouli when I left was enough to convince me never to return. Nice people, just not enough makeup and too much foul fish odor.

4) My Auto Show experience is complete after a second trip yesterday. I know my car knowledge is as valuable a commodity as Skurny's carnal knowledge of Shari Naugle, so stay tuned for a run down of what cars mattered at the show.

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Brown Buddy said...

Agreed on the NBA...seems like there is some semblance of competitive balance as well, finally. Good time for the league, entertaining as hell season.

And I was f'd up beyond belief over the weekend, but still managed to avoid using AWM's mother's full name. How did you do it?